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Focus On The Love - Wedding Planning Guide - Digital Download

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With your event almost here—venue settled, dress chosen, flowers picked, cake ordered and entertainment booked—you’re almost ready for the wedding day. It’s time to focus on your relationship and how you can start off your marriage on the same page.
In this wedding planning guide you will find:
  • Couples Communication Tips & Advice
  • 30-Day Relationship Challenge
  • Your Guide to Apologies
  • Our Love Story
  • Couples Finances Tips & Advices
  • The Best Marriage Advice
  • Relationship Quiz – How Well Do You Know Your Partner
  • Romantic Quotes For Your Vows
  • Plan A Wedding Day Surprise
  • What to Discuss with Your In-Laws Before the Wedding
  • Common In-Laws Problems and How to Handle Them
  • Wedding Pros’ Top Tips for Brides
  • Things Not to Do Just Before Your Wedding
  • Wedding Underwear
  • Lingerie Color Choices
  • Tips for Wedding Dance Lessons


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