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Jumbo BRIDE Rose Gold Balloons

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Celebrate the final toast to your single life with our Jumbo 40-inch BRIDE balloons. These shimmering rose gold balloons are sure to be the highlight of your decor, and turn any room into a magical bridal space for all of your guests to enjoy and take beautiful, fun photos with!
  • Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal shower parties, engagement parties,
  • Can be used as both a photo prop and backdrop or gift table centerpiece
  • Can take anywhere and keep inflated for days!
  • Rose gold balloons are 40 inches
  • 32-foot balloon string
  • Rose gold high-quality mylar foil
  • 5 Rose gold high-quality mylar foil balloons spelling out BRIDE
  • 1 White-colored balloon string
  • 1 White straw to inflate/deflate foil balloon
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